After spending an afternoon helping my youngest daughter clean up and reorganize her bedroom, I was overwhelmed by her large collection of nail polishes and accessories and thought how nice it would be if she had all of those items organized and easily accessible in one place.

I started building a prototype out of Styrofoam and continued to perfect it; saving space on her bureau by making a multi-level organizer as well as neatly displaying all of her manicure/pedicure supplies. I took this foam prototype to my father (Norm, the builder) who has enjoyed a lifetime of woodworking from the time he was a young boy using his father’s saws and planers to an adult building and refurbishing anything and everything. My father built a few different designs from my prototype, added a turntable, we painted a few and had family and friends organize their nail polish collections using their feedback to “fine tune” the design. The NAIL POLISH CAROUSEL was born! We created a beautiful, personalized, and functional product that we proudly sell in our Etsy shop. By utilizing my background in art, I have created many different dazzling as well as personalized designs of our nail polish carousels and organizers for our customers.

While the NAIL POLISH CAROUSEL started our pallet reclaiming business, we have branched out into other items as well as having my sister (Janelle, the organizer) join us to help with production, advertising and our shop & website upkeep.

We have currently turned our main focus to creating customized and personalized PHOTOBOOTH FRAME PROPS!  If you are planning a wedding, shower, birthday, anniversary, school or social funtion, we can craft a wood PHOTOBOOTH FRAME PROP to wow your guests!  Looking to advertise your business in a unique way?  We can add your logo to one of our customized PHOTOBOOTH FRAME PROPS for you to share on social media!

Our frames are NOT a rolled up poster you have to glue to foam board, they are NOT foam board with a bunch of cutouts stuck to it and they are NOT digital files you need to take to the print shop to print and then mount on a foam board……………..They are handcrafted using REAL WOOD, REAL SATIN LATEX PAINT with HAND STENCILED letters and designs customized for any occasion!

We are happy to work with you choosing, fonts, colors and design if you would like to change up the look of any frame.  Or create your own unique frame by sharing your invitation or design inspiration with us.  We will create a computer mock-up for you to review and make changes to once we receive your order.

Please click the link below to be redirected to our Etsy shop!

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