Make it FUN!

If you are attending or organizing a company HOLIDAY PARTY, we have the perfect entertainment piece for you!  HOLIDAY PHOTOBOOTH FRAME PROPS!  Customize your colors & theme and # your business or organization!  Entertain your customers & employees while you advertise your business.  Check out all our great designs and ask how we can incorporate your company name/logo into one of them!  Click here to be directed to PalletCreatives Etsy Shop!

Holiday Photo Cards

Jazz up your traditional family holiday photo greeting cards with a customized & personalized HOLIDAY PHOTO BOOTH FRAME PROP from PalletCreatives!   You don’t have to wait until your holiday decorations are up, our festive frames are all you need! So, go get those Ugly Sweaters and Santa Hats and gather your group for a one of a kind photo op…….. and don’t forget the family pet! Create awesome pictures for snail mail, email or posting on social media!  Visit our Etsy Shop ~ PalletCreatives and see what we can create for you!

Copy or Make Your Own

One of the great things about our PHOTOBOOTH FRAME PROPS is that you can copy one of our awesome designs or totally make it your own!  Take our Circle frame, for instance, it is such a versatile pattern that it fits any occasion!  Add a touch of bling with glitter circles,  mix up the colors to match your theme, circle half the frame or circle the whole frame!   The “Little Man” theme is another great frame we have been “mixing up”.  Whatever your vision is, we will help you create it! Check out our great variety of designs or ask about a custom order to match your party theme.  Pallet Creatives Shop on Etsy!


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If you are organizing a fundraiser or charity event for a non-profit organization, we can customize one of our Photobooth Frame Props with your colors, wording or logo.  Create the perfect photo op to get your message out there!  Stop by our Etsy Shop ~ Pallet Creatives and message us about a custom order!

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Little Men

We have had numerous requests lately for “Little Man” themed Baby Shower and Birthday themed Photobooth Frame Props and we think they are adorable!  While researching this theme, we found many different designs and color schemes and worked closely with our customers to create and personalize their unique frames.  We can do the same for you!  Check out all our Photobooth Frame Prop designs in our Etsy Shop ~ Pallet Creatives and ask about a custom order!

While your waiting…..

While your waiting for the turkey to finish roasting for your Thanksgiving meal or waiting on jolly old St. Nick to make a stop at your house, gather your family behind one of our holiday PHOTOBOOTH FRAME PROPS and snap away!  What a great way to remember time spent with family and friends, post, tweet, print and share your photos with those near and far.  What a fun way to liven up your annual Holiday Greeting card or a great addition to the company holiday party!  We can customize to add your family name or change up the design and colors.  Check out all of our great designs in our Etsy Shop ~ Pallet Creatives or ask about a custom order. #photobooth #holidaypictures

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Planning a wedding can be stressful enough let alone planning a destination wedding or an outdoor wedding!  The constant worrying about what you may forget to pack or what the weather forecast will be for your special day can be unnerving.  With one of our customized Wedding Photobooth Frame Props you can eliminate the stress of worrying about a photo backdrop, you and your guests will have a great time posing behind your custom frame creating lasting memories that can be uploaded, printed and shared with your family and guests.  Shown here is a gorgeous “distressed” look that can be added to your frame.  It’s a great design option for outdoor, rustic and shabby chic celebrations!  Let us help you customize your unique wedding/shower PHOTBOOTH FRAME PROP, take a look in our Etsy Shop ~ Pallet Creatives!

Everyone likes a little flattery….

We have been so busy lately with building, designing and creating our custom photobooth frame props for Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers and Halloween.   It is so rewarding and flattering when we receive a message like this in our inbox:

“I just received the frame . It’s absolutely AMAZING! I can’t thank You enough or explain how much I love it!”

We are humbled that our customer took the time to send us this message of praise upon receiving her custom frame.   Check out our Etsy Store PalletCreatives for more great designs!

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Painted Border to Border!

Our wood photobooth frame props are painted border to border and front to back!  We go the extra mile with you and your special event in mind.  From start to finish we envision the smiling faces that will be peering through capturing the memory of the day!  Visit our Etsy shop and ask what we can create for you!

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All in a week’s work….

We love customizing our products and helping our customers find the right design and colors to match their decor or theme.  Here are some of the custom orders completed this week and ready to ship!  Check out all our designs or send us a custom design request!  Pallet Creatives Etsy Shop

Family Tree

via Daily Prompt: TreeJust thinking about all of our family gatherings and how our family has changed throughout the years.  When I was a child, we would travel north for a great big Thanksgiving dinner with grandparents, aunts, uncles and oh so many cousins. Reflecting on those good ‘ole days, sharing those wonderful memories with our spouses and children and always feeling so thankful, grateful and blessed for the family tree that keeps growing!  Excited to gather our family behind this beautiful “Family” frame this holiday season.

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